Responsibilities of Hunters

2 12 2010

I just came across a post from WiredToHunt, A Reminder of Our Responsibility As Hunters.

He makes a very good point. Not everyone hunts, and there certainly are a lot of people out there that believe the sport shouldn’t even be allowed. Now I could argue until I’m blue in the face on the morality and ethics of hunting, but what I want to do here is reiterate the point that WiredToHunt is stating.  We, as hunters have a responsibility to build and maintain a positive image for this sport that we love.

Some important values to hunt by:

Respect the animal

Never take a shot if you don’t think it will be a kill shot.

Appreciate a kill, an animal gave it’s life to feed you.

Exhaust all options before giving up a search for a hit animal.

Respect the environment

Leave a small human foot print and make sure you pick up after yourself.

Respect your neighbors

Don’t trespass, get permission to hunt on a property.

Also get permission to track shot animals if they wander onto neighboring properties.

We can all work together as a hunting society to prove that we hunt for the love of the sport and our appreciation of wildlife and the environment. A respectable hunter will take the time every so often to review and understand our responsibilities.  Before your next trek into the woods take a minute to consider why you hunt and the image you, as a hunter, want to leave on the non-hunting society.




One response

2 12 2010
Mark Kenyon

Welcome to the world of blogging! And thanks for mentioning my post! Glad that more and more people are trying preserve the image of hunters and practice our awesome sport in a responsible manner

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